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Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines is the largest German airlines company and Europe’s largest one in terms of fleet size of 656 aircrafts, if combined with its subsidiaries. Its name is derived from two separate words: Luft 'air' and Hansa, the Hanseatic League. The airlines company in 2017 alone welcomed 13.1 million passengers on board that marked over 17% increase in passenger volume in comparison to 2016.

Lufthansa boasts a great fleet size of 267 airplanes registered under its name. The airlines company serves to over 18 domestic and 197 international destinations across the world including Asia, America, Africa, and Europe. Lufthansa is the founding member of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airlines alliance that was formed in 1997.

The largest hubs of Lufthansa airlines are located At Frankfurt International Airport and Munich International Airport while the headquarters of Lufthansa is located in Cologne.

The fleet size of Lufthansa Airlines includes 32 Boeing and 241 Airbus aircrafts carrying millions of passengers across the world.

Lufthansa airlines, in addition to offering cheap flight tickets, makes flying a comfortable and entertaining experience with Wi-Fi facility on-board, especially for those who cannot live without the internet connectivity as more than 90% of all Lufthansa long-haul aircraft are equipped with FlyNet. It is an advance broadband Internet service on board!

It gives the passengers an opportunity to get connect with Facebook friends, answer important emails and do a lot more with the power of Internet. With Lufthansa Airlines ticket bookings, communication options are simply limitless.

Baggage Allowance Policy

Lufthansa Airlines offers an extensive baggage policy for the passengers flying on almost every class. Passengers with Lufthansa Airlines reservations of First and Business class passengers are allowed two carry-on bags while the passengers flying through Economy class and Premium Economy class passengers can carry one bag.

Lufthansa free baggage allowance is based upon travel class and fare of the tickets. Lufthansa free baggage policy offers the following benefits:

  • 1 bag for Economy Class
  • 2 free bags for Premium Economy Class
  • 2 bags for Business Class
  • 3 bags for First Class

Carry On Baggage

In addition to the free baggage, Lufthansa Airlines reservations passengers are permitted to carry up to two carry-on bags. The carry-on baggage policy comes with the following rules:

  • 1 piece of carry-on baggage for Economy Classic
  • 1 piece of carry-on baggage Economy Classic
  • 1 piece of carry-on baggage Economy Flex
  • 2 pieces of carry-on baggage for Business Class

The dimensions of carry-o baggage must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm or 57 x 54 x 15 cm for foldable garment bags. The carry-on baggage exceeding the permitted size or weight limit will be charged.

Digital Baggage Services

Lufthansa Airlines takes a good care of the passengers by giving them an opportunity to know where exactly is their baggage located throughout through journey with the Lufthansa digital baggage services. Immediately after the checked-in baggage is dropped off at the check-in point, passengers can track the bag location with the Lufthansa app. They have access to baggage receipt using the mobile boarding pass on their Smartphone.

Once you land, the app will inform passengers will be informed about baggage carousel to go to in order to pick up your luggage for the faster and convenient experience.

Note: Baggage Carousel service is currently available at selected airports (e. g. Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Milan).

Electronic Tag

The Electronic Tag facility by Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers put the required bag tag for the flights onto their baggage either during their journey or at home, quickly and entirely digitally. You can simply install the app that enables you to check in your luggage using the app under ‘My Baggage’ button.


Lufthansa Airlines makes not just flying, but also waiting a more convenient and a joyous experience with a large number of lounges across the world that are equipped with advanced technology aimed to make your halt comfortable. The access to Lufthansa lounges may restrict to passengers flying through First Class reservations. It is important that passengers read about the detailed lounges access policy.

As a frequent flier, passengers can enjoy the benefit of Lufthansa Lounges as they are allowed to take their flying companions to the lounges. If you have someone with Premium Economy Class passengers, you can take them to the lounges by purchasing access to selected lounges.

If you are traveling with pets and are concerned about their access to the lounges, then stay stress free as Lufthansa Airlines allows access to your four-legged friends with you into the lounges. Make sure you don’t let your furry pets to wander around the lounges freely for the sake of safety of other passengers.

Free Wi-Fi in the lounges

Similar to the internet on flights, Lufthansa Airlines also offers free Wi-Fi to passengers at lounges worldwide. With the free hotspot, passengers can go online and enjoy the high speed internet from anywhere in the lounge.

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